• Governor ACC Italy Chapter: Prof. Ciro Indolfi

  • ACC 2019 – Lunedì, 18 Marzo
    International Perspectives from the Emirates Cardiac Society and ACC’s Italy Chapter
    Moderatori: Michele M. Gulizia (Governor ACC Italy Chapter); Abdulla Shehab (President Emirates Cardiac Society)
    1. International Guidelines: Heart Failure EF-based classification is still actual for HFmrEF? (S. Urbinati)
    2. Enhancing the Role of Nurses in the Management of HF in Developing Countries- Real World Data from UAE. (UAE Speaker)
    3. HFmrEF patient in clinical stability at discharge: how to evaluate it? (C. Indolfi)
    4. Advanced HErEF Solutions: The value of cross- border collaboration to establish successful heart transplant programs. (UAE Speaker)

  • ACC 2018 – 11 Marzo
    The Future of Coronary Disease Management: International Perspectives from the ACC Italy Chapter, Portuguese Society of Cardiology, and American College of Cardiology
    Moderatori: B. O’Murchu, M.M. Gulizia, M.F. Mendes
    1. Stable coronary disease: state of the art (P. Perrone Filardi)
    2. Update on secondary prevention postmyocardial infarction (M.F. Mendes)
    3. How have guidelines changed our clinical medical practice? (A. Di Lenarda)
    4. European perspective on mechanical circulatory support use for STEMI (J.M. Leiria)

  • ACC 2017 – Joint Session ACC Italy Chapter, ACC Consortium Chapter of Serbia and Republic of Srpska, and American College of Cardiology
    “Coronary syndromes revisited: international perspectives”
    Moderatori: C. Michael Valentine, Michele M. Gulizia, Milan A. Nedeljkovic
    Relatori: C. Michael Valentine, Ana Djordjevic-Dikic, Giancarlo Casolo, Daniel Kolansky, Branko D. Beleslin, Francesco Romeo

  • ACC 2016 – Joint Session Brazilian Society of Cardiology, ACC Italy Chapter and American College of Cardiology
    “Pathophysiology and management of acute coronary syndromes”
    Moderatori: Michele M. Gulizia, Richard A. Chazal, Marcus Vinicius Bolivar Malachias
    Relatori: Richard A. Chazal, Francesco Romeo, Andrea Di Lenarda, Deepak L. Bhatt, Angelo A.V. De Paola, Jose C. Nicolau

  • ACC 2015 – Joint Session of the Pennsylvania and Italy ACC Chapters
    “Cardiac Imaging – Past and Present: International perspectives from the Egyptian Society of Cardiology”
    Moderatori: Michele M. Gulizia, Srinivas Murali, Adel M. El Etriby
    Relatori: Adel Allam, Francesco Fedele, John Gorcsan, Ashraf Badawi, Andrea Di Lenarda, Victor A. Ferrari

  • ACC 2014 – Joint Symposium of the Pennsylvania ACC and Italian Chapters of the American College of Cardiology
    “Novel communication techniques in cardiovascular care: improving diagnosis and management”
    Moderatori: Francesco Fedele, Srinivas Murali
    Relatori: Victor Ferrari, Simona Scalvini, Francesco Romeo, James Kirkpatrick, Alfred Bove